Background music systems

Setting a great atmosphere for you customers, keeping them spending longer, bring you more profits with NO requirement of a contract!

Get the very best Digital Jukeboxes and Back Ground music systems for your pub, club, student hall and all other social venue.

Juke boxes and back ground music systems –

We usually only supply the NSM digital jukes boxes as they are the complete package. Very versatile boxes giving you everything you could need, we can also link your Tv’s through the box giving great atmosphere especially for the sporting events and if you need TVs then we can supply them as well. (clink to go straight to the TV tile info)

These will be installed with all the speakers and the volume can be zoned to give you full control. Can also be integrated into your own P.A. system if you have one.

These hold over 60,000 tracks and if online, has access to an enormous library of music on the dedicated NSM music server giving your customer everything they want, pre-release, chart, main stream or classics.

Supply from £32 per week as a guide but if you have other machines from us, there are deals to be had.

Back ground music system –

The NSM BGM is a tablet that gives you axcess to NSM’s extensive on-line BGM library and stores 1750 tracks locally. This gives you many different ways to manage your music easily creating you very own play lists, giving you full control in your venue and keeping you customers happy.

This can be supplied separately if you have your own p.a. system or we can supply & install the amp and speaker for you.

Supply separately from £12.50 per week as a guide but if you have other machines from us, there are deals to be had.

The BUG Digital Juke Box difference

  • Profit share or rentals
  • Regular collection/maintenance visits
  • Telephone support
  • Quick reliable call out service
  • No service charges
  • No need for ‘contracts’ unless required
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  5. You won’t ever get lost in a voice mail or hold queue with BUG Amusements.

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